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About Us

In 1978 a group of Piper Apache owners from the USA and Canada gathered in Hazleton, PA and formed the "Flying Apache Association".  The Association produced a monthly newsletter and had an annual fly-in in various locations in the  United States and the Bahama Islands.  The Piper Apache was primarily owned by individuals that were long time owners and some flight schools for multi-trainers.  As time went on many of the owners moved on to larger twins and a lot of the planes were sold to individuals that were only interested in building multi time to get an airline job.  There was still a group of dedicated Apache Lovers out there that kept in touch and we did our best in helping them with needed parts and maintenance information.

     The Piper Apache has evolved again into the hands of the private owner that is interested in preserving and flying one of the finest general aviation aircraft ever made. The name of the organization has been changed to the Piper Apache Club. This was done to eliminate the confusion with the Apache Helicopter  and move on from the initials of  FAA, ( Flying Apache Association), which has been a good source of humor over the years.  The website will be up and running with free access for a period of time so it will be available to as many Apache owners and operators as possible. We will be moving to a Membership organization thereafter and  we will endeavor to provide as much help and information as possible and  also provide a forum for our fellow Apache owners.

     Welcome to the Piper Apache Club.  I look forward to talking with and meeting our new members and re-kindling old relationships from the past. Lets keep those Apaches Flying!


                                                                         John Lumley                          561-499-1115