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For Sale and Wanted - used parts, new parts, reconditioned parts
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New Apache fuel cap assemblies complete -------------------------$127.00
Apache carb air intake boot P/N W18238-000 ---------------------$289.00
Serviceable Apache fuel caps with new thermos seals--------------   $85.00
New Cleveland Brake discs for Apache --------------------------- $595.00
Apache flight controls-------------(Call for prices) Aileron $500 Flap $500
Apache nose gear steering link collars---------front--------------$500.00

Plastic (round) landing gear handle for Apache ------------------------$250.00
Apache exhaust systems and/or piper--(POR)
Standard Apache wing tips---------------------------------------------$200.00
Apache rudder---------------------------------------------------------$500.00
Apache Seats----------------------------------------------------------$100.00
Brake caliper sets------------------------------------------------------$400.00                                           
Bendix magneto drive gears------------------------------------------$149.00 each

Hydraulic Actuators for landing gears  --------------------------------- $495  ($645 with no core)
Factory New upper and lower Aluminum nose bowl set --------------- $1,200.00
Piper Apache Spinners and backplates---------------------------------$250.00
Complete spinner assembly for NEW No AD Hartzell Prop. -----------$1,195.00
Apache main and nose wheel assemblies -------------------------------$495.00
Apache nose and main landing gear assys and Trunions ------- prices on request

Geronimo dorsal fin and wing root fairings. Wing tips list $2295  only $1995. 
New Geronimo dorsal fin list $1179  only $795.00.

Contact John Lumley 561-499-1115

For your fuel cell needs contact John Lumley for an Apache Club Members only discount.  Brand new main and aux fuel cells are available as well as the NEW STC'd fuel cells with individual stainless steel drains in the inboard rear corner.  This new design allows the pilot to drain fuel from the lowest point in the fuel cell as well as at the normal gascolator drain.  800-827-4915

Diamond Aire of Kalispell, Montana features the Geronimo style modifications and many support parts  for your Piper Apache. Diamond Aire is offering Piper Apache Club members a special discount on their speed and performance enhancement products.

Contact John at:

Sky Tec Flyweight Starters -- Superior product with great service


Expertise in Hydraulic Power Packs
FAA TSO approved I-series Cabin heaters

PlaneXhaust Planexhaust Corporation provides a large variety of services on any aircraft exhaust system made by any aircraft company with great customer support.

For Sale and Wanted used parts, new parts, reconditioned parts